Kristina Sunshine Jung Net worth

Kristina Sunshine Jung Net Worth

Kristina Sunshine Jung Net worth of $ 150,000. She is the daughter of George Jung and Mirtha Calderon. Kristina Sunshine’s mother conceived her in 1978 and will be turning 39 this year. Her parents decided to put an official end to their marriage in 1984, and at that time, she was six years of age. Her father is currently residing in California and is a subject to a condition called Dementia in which a person’s brain gets disabled and starts to dysfunction to the extent that it could eventually lead to death sooner or later. Her father was a drug smuggler and was often behind bars for trafficking drugs in and out the United States of America. Kristina Sunshine Jung’s dad George Jung has always made it to the news highlights due to his jail records, court hearing, drug dealing and all the criminalization he has been a part of. That has created conjectures and speculations among friends, family, and among the general public to ask more regarding her father and her personal life, making it a subject of gossip and other more harmful social evil. Hence, she has always maintained secrecy in her own life and has seldom come in the limelight.


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